September 10, 2007

Clever bullshit from Brown

The strapline is 'Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to set out measures designed to create 500,000 new jobs for British workers.'. Great pro-Labour spin, as you would expect from the BBC but to the more cynical this immediately raises some questions.

Really. So is Gordon, despite never having a proper job himself other than a very short spell as a journalist, secretly an entrepeneur with plans for epoc making new products that will set the world alight needing tens of thousands of people working on them to keep up with demand? If, dispite the utter implausiability, Brown is actually able to create new productive jobs for people wouldn't it be better to simply have the right people for the job, no matter where they came from? Then finally even if it was desirable isn't this kind of discrimination, by saying that he is only going to employ British people, illegal?

Then perhaps this is just spin and bullshitting.

In the article itself if becomes clear that Brown isn't going to create a single job. It will be the private sector that will create any jobs, then the government will force them to give interviews to its prefered client groups even if they are obvious no-hopers. Brown also intends to make the benefits system even more complicated and expensive to try and give them a reason to want to work by slightly reducing the level of benefit withdrawl (symptoms include: confusion about where the money they should be getting has disappeared to, disorientation that they are no longer in Labours prefered client class, and agitation brought about by having less money despite working hard) that comes from getting a job.

However it is clever spin and bullshitting. Brown is using his protected status as the leader of a left wing party to say things that the leader of a right wing party could never do, because it is anti-immigrant and would therefore raise screams of 'RACIST!!!', which strike a cord with a considerable amount of public opinion while also reaching out to the old left with his promise of working towards full employment. Even though full employment is a condition that can never be achieve by those actively working towards it.


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